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Environmental problems exists in Nepal at large. Be it solid waste haphazardly thrown in the streets, toxic dumped in the river from industries and human households, public space turned into an ugly and stinky garbage site, groundwater contaminated with naturally occuring slow poison - Arsenic or the adverse consquences in the environment due to rampant urbanization, they all impose threat to human health and the global environment.
Nevertheless, these problems can be solved. Some may require adaptation to good habits like recycling, reusing and reducing of waste generation while some may require application of special or alternative solutions. However, we believe that efforts made to deal with the issues on a one off basis would not be effective due to the absence of collectively mobilized and collaborative efforts involving all concerned stakeholders in dealing with the problem.
As long as the people of the locality do not come forward in solving their own problems, no catered development can be sustained. Local people are well aware of their local problems, hence, they also have the solutions that would best solve their problems. Therefore, community participation is a must from problem identification to planning to implementation and maintainence phases to ensure long lasting achievement. As such, it is imperative that people are made aware of their roles and responsibilities, benefits they would acheive as a result of thier contribution, and are encouraged to activily participate in building a healthier and a safer world around themeselves.
It is this key to success that WATO envisions to unlock by developing awareness among the concerned stakeholders that it is in their own hands to develop their own communities healthier and safer for themselves. Every project that WATO initiates is aimed at leading people by example that even a small effort, if executed in a united fashion, can produce remarkable results.
As its name stands, the true meaning and aim of WATO is to develop positive thinking at every individual's core level (mind and heart) that the power to bring positive changes is in our own hands. "WE ARE THE ONES" responsible for taking care of our communities and our planet and united we can do it.

Urban Forestry Project in Kathmandu

WATO Urban Forestry Project

WATO Nepal is determined to restore the lost greenery in the valley. And, it has alredy embarked on its journey to introducing Urban Forestry in Kathamndu. For the last four years, the organization has been collaborating with govenrment agencies, corporate houses, and environmental heroes around the globe in raising awareness and resources. So far, we have planted 1000 trees along the streets of major areas of the city (Singhadarbar area, Gaushala area, Ratopool area, Kamalpokhari area).
We just did not plant trees, clapped, and forgot about them. We made it a point to make sure that the planted trees survived. Trees we have planted so far have grown healthy and big, and our success stories so far (with the support of everyone involved) have given us the driving energy to continue doing this in the future. Five years from now, WATO Nepal sees a greener Kathmandu with another 5000 trees in the streets.

Open Space Preservation

WATO Community Park

Comprehensive database of polluted sites across Nepal


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